League Guidelines Letter
Winter 2014

Dear Club Reps & Pros:

Even as the Fall season is going into playoff mode, it’s time to think about the Winter 2014 season.

The regular season will start the week of January 6.
The playoffs will be the weeks of March 10th and 31st, with tournament week and spring break coming in between.
Deadline for submission of winter teams is Monday, December 16 (by noon please).

The PSRA website (www.phillyboast.org) contains the 2013 – 2014 PSRA Calendar including league information.

As a reminder, the following is the weekly schedule for the Winter season:

Mondays – C Doubles
Tuesdays – Super-B Doubles, A Singles
Wednesdays – B Doubles and B Singles
Thursdays – A Doubles, C Singles

IMPORTANT – Please note the change in C Doubles to Monday night.
This has been done in response to requests to separate nights from C Singles.

All teams are comprised of three players per match for the winter season.

A Doubles rosters must list at least 4 players per team. Regular season and playoffs are comprised of 2 matches.
All other doubles rosters must have at least 6 players listed per team.
Regular season matches are comprised of 2 matches and playoffs are comprised of 3 matches.

Please observe the rule for the number of doubles teams a club can submit: 1 doubles court equals 2 teams (2 pairs per team).

Teams must be able to play on specified league night. Please have enough subs so all matches will be played on the scheduled night.

Correct roster submissions are requested so teams can be placed accurately- pros and reps must do their homework before submitting teams or teams will not be accepted.
We will not make phone calls to confirm names and get required information.

Rosters must be accurate and must include a captain for each team with correct phone numbers and email address for the captain only.
Attached is a Excel template to submit your rosters, each league has a tab. Please complete each tab for each league.

Deadline for submitting rosters with complete contact info (email and phone) for each captain is Monday, December 16 at 12 noon.

Please note that based on prior results, teams may be moved up or down between levels.

Based on last year’s results the league committee makes the following recommendations:
Fairmount move from C Doubles to B Doubles.
Saucon Valley Country Club move from C Doubles to B Doubles.
Merion 3 move from B Doubles to C Doubles.
Germantown 2 move from B Doubles to C Doubles.
Berwyn 1 move from B Doubles to Super-B Doubles.
Either Berwyn 1 or Berwyn 2 or some mix thereof move from Super-B doubles to B Doubles.
VicMead is invited to move from Super-B Doubles to A Doubles if they so choose.
Submitted teams will be reviewed by the league committee.

The PSRA website (www.phillyboast.org) has the link for the results from previous seasons.
Go to Leagues and click on Prior Seasons or click on 2013 Winter League Winners to view last winter’s results.

We are suggesting to use the following US Squash ratings as a guideline for submission of singles players:
A - 4.0 and above
B - 3.0 - 4.25
C - up to 3.5

Please note that the overlapping of the ratings ranges above is intentional, and meant to allow for some flexibility when choosing a level for a player to play in.

All players must be current members by January 6, 2014 and must remain so throughout the season.
PSRA membership now corresponds to your rolling membership date through US Squash.
Matches played by non-members will be defaulted and the team may not be eligible for the playoffs.
Captains are expected to monitor their team players.
Please review the Playing Rules posted at the PSRA website for full clarification.

Please be advised that strokes in both singles and doubles and the coming around for doubles do apply to all league play.
There should never be discussion on whether or not these are played.
They are the rules so they apply to all play.
If you need any clarifications--- please see your pro or refer to the US Squash website.

In all leagues, each player must play at least 2 matches during the regular season schedule in order to qualify for playoffs.
Matches defaulted by the player do not count.

Please also note that the rules of doubles squash have changed so that there is no longer a choice of Set 2,3,5 at 13 all or 1,3 at 14 all.
All doubles games are played as No-Set, i.e. play to 15.

There is one last item to discuss: DEFAULTS - We have encouraged clubs to have enough players per team to eliminate defaults.

Please note that the following is from the League Playing Rules:

18. Any team that defaults more than ten individual matches or one complete four-man team match (three-man for A Singles, four-man for doubles) during the season will not be eligible to win its league and shall not participate in league playoff competition.

The ranking committee will also look to limit the numbers of teams that the offending club submits.
Please make sure that you are committing to play – not just be on the roster.

Please send all rosters to Julie AND Ken.
If the above hyperlink does not work for you, just copy and paste the following into the “To:” field :
“ kdjpsra@comcast.net; julie.kessler@lifefitness.com ”
Any questions you can email either Julie or Ken, or call Julie.

Julie Kessler
League and Rankings Committee Chair

Ken Jaffe
League Recorder